Finally Learn How To Master The Art of Playing Piano By Ear​ ​

​Without the need for Sheet Music, Softwares or Copy-Me Tutorials

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3 Options To Learn The Art of Playing By Ear

​"Music is a Language and Languages are only spoken by those who understand them​." - Robert Chambers

AKMS ​Non-Membership

This option features the Flagship Revolutionary teaching of Robert Chambers; the "Any Key Music System".  It's a ​16CD + 3 Booklet power course that will lead you step by step towards Mastering The Art of Playing Piano By Ear and in Any Key with ease.

AKMS Membership​

This option features Online A​​ccess to Robert Chambers' Revolutionary "Any Key Music System", ​LIVE Online Webinars ​ (Q & A, Demos), ​Song Breakdowns,  100+ Hours of Piano By Ear Training, ​AKMS Exclusive Advanced "ROUTES" Training & more.

​AKMS Music School (Ontario, Canada)

This option features the teaching of the "Any Key Music System" taught in a LIVE in-person environment.  ​(One-to-One or Group classs).  ​Our AKMS ​Schools specialize in teaching you the Art of​ Playing Songs By Ear and in Any Key without the need for Sheet Music.

​The Any Key Music System ​Feature​s

​Mastering The Art of Playing Piano By Ear Has Never Been Easier​


volume 1
​the foundation

​With this Module, you​ will o​​btain the proper foundation to be able to play and understand any song by ear, n​ever have to think twice about playing scales and chords, learn the most important thing in music that is usually overlooked, And more…


volume 2
​Numbers & Ear Training

With this Module, you will a​cquire and develop the ability to hear and pick out any Melody or Chord from any song you choose.  You will also acquire and develop the coveted ​ability to PLAY EVERYTHING and ANYTHING in ​Every Key.​  And more …


volume 3
melodies & ear training ​

You will ​further develop your ​ability to hear, recognize, understand and play the appropriate ​​

chords for your own arrangements  and for songs of your choice choice; and play them in ALL Keys.  You'll also​ Learn Left Hand Patterns that spice up your accompaniment.And more…


volume 4

​You will acquire and develop the ability to form and play over 600+ Chords and understand how to use them, play any song you hear in every key, enhance and spice up the chords of any song, IMPROVISE, SOLO and EMBELLISH any song arrangement, acquire the Knowledge that all great piano players know, set the stage to truly understand the concept of MODES.  And more...

What Some of Our Members Are Saying ...


" ... gives you a complete understanding of music appreciation​."

​I believe that the AKMS, is the best musical training, available that gives you a, complete understanding of, music appreciation​.


" ... He is undoubtedly the best instructor I have studied with"​

​I have been a musician for almost 50 years. I graduated from GIT in 1979 and studied with some of the greatest guitarists in the world. None come close to Robert Chambers. He is undoubtedly the best instructor I have studied with, and I highly recommend any musician wanting to learn how to play the piano by ear, and more importantly, learn to play every song in every key, try out his amazing method. Robert makes music fun, exciting, and he takes the complexity out of complex music theories. I have studied with him for over three years now and can sit at the piano and enjoy listening to myself play any song I know in any key. Highly recommend the Any Key Music System!


" ... he could actually sell each level for over $5000 .​...​"

​Robert's course is amazing. You will be far far ahead of anyone taking traditional music courses. I have taken traditional music courses, and there is no comparison as to what you learn and how fast you learn it. I took college level music courses and did not learn what Robert teaches in his beginning level music course. Shocking but true, so if you're on the fence about this awesome music course, buy it now!!! It's really a steal and he could actually sell each level for over $5000.00. That's my opinion, and I'm not usually wrong, and if he did, I would still buy it.


" ... I can't recommend this program highly enough​​.​"

​​Great program!! Robert is an enthusiastic and excellent teacher. You'll get out of it what you put into it (no surprise, there, right?) but you'll have all the tools to take your playing and understanding of music to a completely different level. I can't recommend this program highly enough.


" ... is applicable to any type of music​.​"

​​I've been with AKMS for about 3 yrs, AKMS has been a great help in me playing ability.  The method that Robert teaches is applicable to any type of music.  Robert's program has helped reshape my thought process when it comes to playing piano and learning music that I hear.  I would recommend the AKMS to Beginners all the way to Advance musicians.


" ... Being able to play by ear is worth the effort​.​"

​​I started with AKMS having a good musical background but not with playing the the piano.  I aimed for learning to HEAR the musical interrelations I already knew from a theoretical point of view.  As always, it is mostly a matter of persistence to make good progress.  Since its often highly repetitive to do everything in all twelve keys it is sometimes hard to not skip certain parts.  But ater using AKMS for more than a year now with some breaks in between I'm happy with the progress I made so far.  Being ale to play by ear is worth the effort.​


" ... the most clearly lit path to piano progress there is ...​"

Robert's teaching approach is extremely thorough and systematic.  Personally I have at times got sidetracked & gone beyond what the exercises have outlined which has slowed me down a bit.  If you invest in Robert's teaching approach you will get the most clearly lit path to piano progress there is, the challenges are endless.  Thank you Robert.


" ... I wish I would have found AKMS 20 years ago!​"

​​I wish I would have found AKMS 20 years ago!  It is helping me accomplish my dream of playing by ear.  It has also helped improve my knowledge of music theory and understanding of chord progressions.  The program is worth its weight in gold and Robert has been there every step of the way when I had any questions.  Don't wait!!!  If you are seriously interested in learning how to play piano, you need to buy the AKMS today!!!!!​

​Can The Any Key Music System Really Help You​?

​Is Playing By Ear What You've Been Looking For​?

Well if you're looking to ​FINALLY​ Learn how to ​Play​ Piano By Ear and in Any Key, the answer is​ YES​.  Here's our​ AKMS Play By Ear Secret;  "You already know how to Play By Ear".  If you couldn't, you wouldn't be able to recognize good piano playing vs bad piano playing.  Playing By Ear is simply the ability to play back what you heard.  It's j​ust like speaking a Language.  

In fact, Music is a Language.  J​ust like any other spoken language, i​n order to be able to hear and duplicate the musical language you're hearing, you have to be taught how to understand the language.  Once that's accomplished, playing songs By Ear will be second nature.  

The truth is, you just have to be taught how to unlock what you know.  It's inside of you.  When you fully learn the Any Key Music System Principles, you will also unlock the ability to play multiple instruments.  The AKMS Philosophy and Knowledge that you'll gain is fully transferable to other melodic instruments.  (sorry, not for percussive instruments like Drums and Percussions.)

But if your goal is to acquire the ability to​ play Advanced Piano without the need for "Copy-Me" Chord Sheets, Chord Diagrams, Videos or Softwares, you've come to the right place.

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