Finally Learn How To Play Any Song By Ear... Without The Need For Sheet Music, Softwares or Copy-Me Videos!!

(No Copy Me Tutorials Needed)



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Master The Art of Playing Piano By Ear!! 

Have you tried all those methods in hopes of learning how to Play Piano By Ear; only to come up short?  Sure you learned some songs, but never how to figure out the songs on your own.  Well that's easy to fix. 
You don't have a Play By Ear problem, you have a problem understanding what you're hearing.

"I am loving this system ... I know what chords to use with the melodies where to place them and why. I love it!"  - Marvin -

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This is or isn't for you if...

Want to know if this course is for you or not, READ Below.

  • You're looking for a course that is going to give you the impression that you are learning how to Play By Ear, but are only being shown what to play; note by note; instead of being taught how to play.  AKMS isn't for you!
  • You've purchased other courses and learned some songs by watching Videos or using Software; but you didn't learn how to figure out those songs on your own.  AKMS is for you!
  • You're looking to get great results overnight with a quick fix method that doesn't require much effort and you want to pick and choose what AKMS exercises you think you need to do rather than following a proven system.  AKMS isn't for you!
  • You're a Beginner and you are Coming Willing To Complete Every Any Key Music System (AKMS) Exercise!!   AKMS is for you!
  • You're an Intermediate and you are going to Temporarily Forget What You Know About Music and Treat This Like A Beginner !!  AKMS is for you!
  • You're Advanced and you're going to Treat AKMS Like an Intermediate or Beginner.  Don't Worry You'll Get Through It Quickly!!  AKMS is for you!

Playing Songs You Choose By Ear and in Any Key Is Just a Sequence of Lessons Away!

Here's what you can expect with the Any Key Music System:

Audio Instruction

95% of the Playing By Ear training in AKMS is done through audio.  To successfully Play By Ear, this is crucial.

No Software Needed

You'll learn how to really Play By Ear without having to rely on Software that only further make you dependent.

No Video Tutorials Needed

You'll learn how to really Play By Ear without having to rely on Song Video Tutorials showing you what to play.

Unlock The Musician Inside

There is a musician inside of you that has been locked up but needs the right key to be let out. 

Unlock The Real Secret

The truth is, there is a secret to playing Piano By Ear well.  However the secret is, it's locked up right in front of you.

Unlock Your Musical Future

What will you do with your new ability to play any song you choose By Ear?  Play for Family, Friends, Church, etc... ?

Save Thousands

Save thousands by having your own 24/7 lessons at your fingertips and go at your pace. 

Just Press PLAY

To start reaching your musical goals, all you have to do is PRESS PLAY and then DO everything you HEARD.

Unlock Your Potential

Inside of every person there's an untapped potential to play great music.  The prerequisite for this is a Desire.

Get instant access to the Any Key Music System now!

Master the Art of Playing Piano By Ear with this REVOLUTIONARY Method!!

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Can the Any Key Music System Really Help You ...

Finally Learn how to Master The Art of Playing Piano By Ear?  Yes.  Here's the AKMS secret;  "You already know how to Play By Ear".  If you couldn't, you wouldn't be able to recognize good piano playing vs bad piano playing.  Playing By Ear is simply the ability to play back what you heard.  Just like speaking a Language. 

In fact, Music is a Language just like any other spoken language.  In order to being able to hear and duplicate the musical language you're hearing, you have to be taught how to understand the language.  Once that's accomplished, playing songs By Ear will be second nature. 

The truth is, you know how to Play By Ear already.  You just have to be taught how to unlock what you know.  It's inside of you.  When you fully learn the Any Key Music System Principles, you will also unlock the ability to play multiple instruments.  The AKMS knowledge is fully transferable to other melodic instruments.  (sorry, not for percussive instruments like Drums and Percussions.)

Finally Learn how to play Advanced Piano without the need for "Copy-Me" Chord Sheets, Chord Diagrams, Videos or Softwares.

I'm An Adult Beginner ..

Good day. Thank you for a wonderful opportunity to enhance my desire to play the piano. I am an adult beginner and its always been my desire to play the piano before I……………>>>>>die


I have taken lessons up to grade 4, tried every program I could lay my hands on, been there and done all..but I cannot get the concept right and neither can I get my left hand to do what it is supposed to do and create or keep a steady flow or pattern......

... May I take a moment to thank you for teaching me a language that I am learning to "speak". Thus far, my greatest musical achievement since joining AKMS has been the ability to play my scales at a reasonable speed in an 12 keys! A friend of mine always says "I may not be where I want to be, but I sure moved from where I was". That's exactly how U feel right now... getting closer to my goal.


I've Signed Up To Numerous Piano Courses ...

Every year about this time in London and in various cities around the UK, pianos are positioned on the streets around the cities and people are encouraged to play them. I see and feel myself playing like no one is watching. That’s one of my several goals in relation to mastering this wonderful instrument. I know that keeping my head down, remaining disciplined, focused, tenacious, and dreaming, that it will be realised. Love and gratitude for the continued support of AKMS 

Another reason why I am excited with the AKMS is that over a 6 year period, I’ve signed up to numerous piano courses including one on one sessions. I learnt and picked up bits here and there, yet the AKMS has and remains to assist me on numerous levels resulting in a deeper understanding of what’s really going on in the mind of an advanced/professional player.

Bring it on. I’m ready for more!!

Newton (UK)



(Download Version)
(Shipped CD Version $299.99)

"What You'll Get".

  1. Volume 1 " The Foundation" (- 4 CDs + 1 Booklet)
    Develop Your Play By Ear Musical Foundation
  2. Volume 2 "Numbers & Ear Training" (3 CDs + 1 Booklet)
    Develop The Ability To Play By Ear in Any Key
  3. Volume 3 "Melodies & Ear Training"
    (4 CDs - NO Booklet)
    Develop The Ability To Figure Out Chords To Songs
  4. Volume 4 "Chords" (5 CDs + Booklet)
    Develop the Ability To Play Advanced Piano By Ear

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Since 2003, 100% of the individuals who have at least completed Volumes 1, 2 and 3 of the Any Key Music System are able to Play Piano By Ear and in Any Key. Even though this is great, I do understand that individuals still want the security of knowing that they are protected from false claims.

So if you are unsatisfied for whatever reason within 30 Days, you can request a FULL REFUND (you must ship the product back to us by contacting support).

However if you plan on getting started with the Any Key Music System but feel you won't be able to do all the recommended exercises, PLEASE DO NOT JOIN. Unfortunately you cannot get any results if you don't do any of the recommended exercises.

If you plan on picking and choosing what exercises you should do, PLEASE DO NOT JOIN.  There's a quote that states, "Experience is the best teacher".  Though true, a wise man added a nugget of wisdom to that quote and stated; "Experience is the best teacher as long as it's the experience of someone else."  Time is too valuable to try and reinvent what works. 

Fortunately at Any Key Music, we are not guessing when it comes to playing and understanding how to play advanced piano. If you would like to learn this knowledge, I look forward to helping you learn from my 30+ years of Piano By Ear Experience.

God Bless

Robert Chambers

It's Tough, but Effective ...

Ok, Vol 2 cd 2, completed. I just looked at my notes and found I practiced this volume during 47 days!!! I Joined anykeymusic because I believed you can teach me piano to a higher level. And as I go along, I keep reafirming myself that I did the right decision. It’s tough but effective. Things are pulling together!!!

I must admit you were very inspired to devise this method and your Principles.  (I love it when you break down any song to I, IV, V !!!)

Antoni (SPAIN)

I Was Skeptical At First ...

Hi Robert,
Wow!! I have to admit that I was very skeptical at the beginning about start this program from scratch. I have been playing since I was 7 and now I am 39 years old. I know all my numbers and I play in all 12 keys but I did not know that I have a problem. Even though that I have been playing in all 12 keys, sometimes I can not remember the numbers.... Your program is helping to remember every number in every single key with ease. I already complete the foundation and now I am working on Cd 2 week 2. Thanks.

Juan (USA)

I'm Getting Better at ...

Thank you Robert,

Thank You RobertI have finished Volume 3, CD3, track 13 in All Keys. I can definitely feel that I'm getting better at figuring out melodies and chords faster and more accurate.

Hoang (CHINA)


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Does AKMS Teach Theory?

I've never played piano By Ear.  How can you guarantee that your Any Key Music System can help me learn how to do this?

I've seen and purchased many courses with the same claim of teaching people to Play By Ear, how is your Any Key Music System Different?

I'm Tone Deaf.  Can I really learn to Play By Ear?

Get instant access to the Any Key Music System now!

Master the Art of Playing Piano By Ear with this REVOLUTIONARY Method!!

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